Sodium Tolyltriazole 50% (TT50)

CAS# 64665-57-2

Property Unit: Specification:
Appearance Clear Yellow to Light Amber Liquid
Crystallization Point Report
Purity % 49.5-51.0
Specific Gravity @20°C 1.186-1.210
Free Alkalinity % as NaOH 0.5 Maximum
pH (10% Dilution) 11.5-12.0
Chloride ppm 100 Maximum
Color Gardner 10 Maximum
Sodium tolyltriazole is used as a corrosion inhibitor for copper and copper alloys. In particular, TT50 can be used to protect copper piping in industrial water systems such as recirculating cooling water systems.
This product is available in tote or drum quantities. Please ask about custom packaging.
Tolyltriazole Sodium Salt Solution, Sodium Tolyltriazole Solution
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