Disodium Sebacate (DSS)

CAS# 17265-14-4

Property Unit: Specification:
Purity % 98.0 Minimum
Moisture % 1.0 Maximum
Insoluble % 1.0 Maximum
Chloride ppm 300 Maximum
Particle Size (140 mesh) % 95 Minimum
Typical Properties
Apperance Fine white powder
pH 7-9
Packaging 25kg net bags
Skid/pallets 40X25kg bags
Disodium Sebacate is a castor oil derivative which can be used in cosmetics, detergents, and as a corriosion inhibitor in lubricants. DSS is approved under CFR 21.178.3570 for incidental food contact in greases, and DSS has been used to replace sodium nitrites in aluminum greases. Its fine particle size allows it to be added to the grease during the cool down period with no additional processing.
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Decanedioic Acid Disodium Salt, Disodium Decanedioate, Sebacic Acid Disodium Salt
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